Victory for Balloons! Your input helped make the difference

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September 10, 2018
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February 12, 2019
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Victory for Balloons! Your input helped make the difference

Last night, after receiving tremendous feedback from the balloon industry and local business owners, and after a detailed Q&A session at the meeting, the Malibu City Council agreed on a motion to revisit the issue at the next meeting with more information. They will also be looking at changes to the balloon definition and biodegradability.

Thank you to all the businesses and friends of balloons that took the time to voice concerns to City Council about Ordinance No. 439 that called for banning the sale, use and distribution of balloons in the City.

We may have won the first round in Malibu, but it is important to get our message out to as many communities as we can that a balloon BAN is NOT the answer. These kinds of bans negatively impact small business owners and threaten to limit the ability of people to enjoy balloons now and in the future.

Thank you again to everyone who has advocated on behalf of the balloon industry, in Malibu and the many other communities across the country facing restrictions on balloons.

Your participation is a crucial when it comes to educating legislators and our communities when it comes to proper use and disposal of balloons. We hope you will continue to spread the word about Smart Balloon Practices and reinforce the idea of education over legislation.

If you hear of an attempted ordinance in your area, please contact Lorna O’Hara.

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